Power Play

Whilst developing and supporting other crypto businesses to increase their user base and awareness of the market, Power Media will develop a multimedia subscription based streaming platform “Power Play” to provide exclusive and non-exclusive content in the form of music, film and video entertainment. This platform will not only act as an incentive for otherwise non crypto users but also as an innovative entertainment hub. Think Netflix meets Spotify. Power Media will invest in developing exclusive music, film and video content available only to crypto users whilst also securing licensing deals on existing mainstream and independent content. Our team has over 15 years of experience working in the music and entertainment industry working with major record labels such as Virgin, Ministry of Sound, EMI and SONY BMG. Our long term relationships and credibility within the industry which will enable Power Play to source and develop premium content for its subscribers.



With the support of EY3 Media during the first phase of launching the platform, we will bring a catalogue of exclusive projects from established and mainstream artists and filmmakers. On launch of Power Play, EY3 Media will also contribute a bank of over 1000 pieces of music and film content to the platform and promote Power Play to a database of over 10 Million consumers who have all previously engaged with EY3 Media produced content. We will utilise user feedback and reviews to improve the service to make it as user friendly as possible before we make mainstream films and music available.



The acquisition of mainstream content will be key for attracting new users to the platform and to the crypto market. We are currently in negotiation with various distributors and record labels from all over the world to bring their content over to Power Play. It is imperative that Power Play is competitive with other mainstream platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime and Deezer. To ensure this Power Play will
endeavour to provide more of an offering at a higher quality to its users.

Phase two of the platform will bring mainstream relevant content direct to the Power Play and be available to subscribers.



Power Play will produce its own original content in the form of both music and film. Making exclusive deals directly with artists and film production companies. Power Play will endeavour to become the first major crypto powered content creation company. Our model will operate on a production investment basis, signing the next wave of premium talent from the across the world exclusive to Power Play. This will not only provide Power Play subscribers with exclusive original content but will also act as an advertising tool to bring more users to Power Play and ultimately the crypto market.

During Phase three we will implement DAO to the platform by offering Power Play subscribers the chance to vote on which content we invest in the production of. This content could be music, film or documentary concepts. We will present these ideas to our subscribers to engage with and vote into production. We feel this will encourage subscribers to feel a part of the Power Play community and creating talking points by bring elements of creative control back to the people that matter the most, the end user.