Power Media

A common problem for many new projects is how to attract new customers/users. Effective Social networks are critical for the success of crypto products and services. However many projects are still using relatively inefficient strategies by relying on the traditional and restrictive sites like bitcointalk.org Twitter, Reddit and Slack Groups. Power Media will provide an innovative approach to marketing by integrating ‘Growth Hacking’ techniques with tailored Digital and Social Media marketing campaigns for crypto projects and cryptocurrencies. ‘Growth Hacking’ can be defined as marketing techniques that use creativity, social metrics and analytical thinking as well as tools to sell products and gain exposure. We will use a team of Growth Experts, Social Media Experts & Project Managers to ensure all campaigns maximise the growth potential for our clients, existing tokens and new ICO’s coming to the market.

Our ultimate aim is to increase the crypto user base worldwide by promoting crypto projects and cryptocurrencies. This will include a dedicated team of growth experts and social media, based in the U.K and based in China, this will also help to develop this market in the Far East. This will not only lead to a higher profitability for current users but will also attract new consumers and ultimately build market confidence, which is key to any thriving economy or market. Building on our ethos of bridging the gap, we aim to bring the western and Chinese traders in sync by providing the same information to both via our social media feeds and also when using when using our promotional services to target users in both demographics. This something that is not currently being undertaken in the market.

We have been contacted by many potential clients with requests for digital and media services. An example of the services requested include:

  • Content strategy meetings
  • Graphic designed posts across all social media platforms (including Facebook Twitter, Instagram, WeChat & Weibo)
  • Targeted Facebook Campaigns
  • Animated video development
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Virtual Reality (VR Videos)
  • Promotion of crypto Events and Conferences
  • VLogs
  • Podcasts