Power Hub

One of the issues that many new traders are facing when they enter this sector is the vast amount of information that they are absorbing from various platforms. Experienced and new traders alike will gather the majority of their information from multiple platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Slack and Bitcointalk. This can often be overwhelming and vital information can be overlooked resulting in many missed opportunities Power Hub aims to bring the right information direct to the user using a simple user friendly App through sentiment, market analysis and technical analysis. Power Hub will provide newcomers to the market with a range of market information whilst taking them on the journey from novice to expert. This will enable them to navigate the market with confidence whilst progressively building their knowledge base. Power Hub will also meet the needs of experienced crypto users by providing access to more in depth market information through a range of resources, micro blogs and vlogs.

  • Individuals that have expressed an interest in cryptocurrency through their digital footprint
  • Newcomers to cryptocurrencies market
  • Traders
  • Hedge funds and other financial institutions
  • Professionals seeking o network
  • Existing and new projects
  • Bloggers and Vloggers
  •  Social Media sentiment incorporated into one feed
  • News updates
  • Resource Hub
  • Micro blogs and vlogs
  • Trending coins and projects
  • Coin and ICO Notifications

Social Media Sentiment

Sentiment amongst traders within the industry is a key component and can often help traders get a feel for the market prior to undertaking any transactions. Traditionally it has always been a method favoured by experienced users to test the market mood, however newer users also use sentiment to seek comfort. A users feed will pull in a constant stream of sentiment giving them the edge on traditional sentiment traders.

We aim to integrate social media feeds and allow users the flexibility of interacting with one another within Power Hub. Power Hub will provide users with the option of posting across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Snapchat directly from Power Hub.


News Updates

Currently news is released into the market and quickly disseminated by individuals and is then reinterpreted back into the market. Often this news is unverified and can lead to panic in the markets prior to being verified from multiple sources and also incorrectly interpreted. An example of this is the re-brand of Dark Coin to Dash in 2015. This created panic within the market within minutes of the news being released. Over the next days and weeks, once the news had been discussed in greater deal within the industry and further information obtained, the market recovered and acknowledged the re-brand as a positive step within the projects development.

We aim to provide a constant news feed from providers including BBC, CNN, and Bloomberg. Power Hub will also include industry specific news mediums such as Coin desk and Cryptocoins news, thereby drawing in articles and new releases from a wide range of sources to help users interpret information, and essentially giving them the ability to take advantage of news events.

Users of the Power Hub will be able to personalise their news feeds by selecting the sources of news they would like to receive.

Resource Hub

Our resource hub aims to be the single point of contact for users to gather information on all sectors within the cryptocurrency market. As the industry grows there is a noticeable trend amongst new users who are heavily reliant on experienced users. However, over time experienced users have commented they have become frustrated with being asked what they regard as simple questions.

To overcome this issue, our resource hub will aim to cover the following sectors:

  • Mining
  • Trading
  • Exchanges
  • Security
  • Portfolio Management
  • Employment Opportunities within crypto
  • Real world businesses

Micro Blogs & Vlogs


To provide more detailed insights into specific projects and resources, we aim to dedicate a section within Power Hub to in-depth reviews from experienced crypto traders, miners, new users, industry experts and industry outsiders.

This content will be updated daily with a combination of blogs/vlogs provided by Power Media and alternative sources. All content will be reviewed and checked to ensure the highest possible standards are met to reduce the risk of misinformation being published.

Trending Coins & Projects

Power Hub will provide users with the facility to select a broad range coins they are interested in and this will be visible on their profile page, a constant live feed updating prices throughout the day will also be incorporated. The user will also be able to personalise this feature and track market movements throughout the day in one place. We also allow users to view ‘What’s Hot and ‘What’s’ Not’ via our watch list which will have a constant live feed of the largest winners and losers throughout the day.

We also aim to include a ‘Project’s Watch list’ that will provide users with an instant view of trending projects within the market.

Coin & ICO Notification

Power Hub will also provide a function allowing notification on the launch of new ICO Projects, new mined coins and airdrops. The current method of using this information is based on automated feeds which obtains information from Bitcointalk when new ANN threads are posted.

We aim to refine and improve this process by funnelling information into dedicated feeds for new ICO projects, new mined coins and airdrops.

We aim to turn the Hub into a vital resource for new and existing crypto currency users.