About Power

The Power Group aims to provide social media and digital marketing services to build more awareness of cryptocurrencies and how we will develop a user friendly platform to filter the vast amount of information available to those entering the crypto market and to those already operating within it.

We will use Ethereum smart contract technology to provide a streaming media platform designed to put new and emerging talent shoulder to shoulder with established artists and household names, and in turn bringing more users and awareness to crypto.

Power Media

Using our expertise in social media marketing we will provide a fresh approach to marketing cryptocurrencies across a wide range of social network platforms.

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Power Hub

A social media hub that integrates crypto based information and chair into one easy to use App for the new and experienced crypto user.

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Power Play

A multimedia streaming platform that will provide fresh content to users building on our experience within the music and entertainment industry.

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The token sale is the process of raising funds for development of Power Media, Power Hub, Power Play selling POWER tokens.

A crowdsale is the process of raising funds for the development of Power Media, Power Hub and Power Play by selling Power tokens (for more information please see section 6.1). Investors will be able to see how and when these funds are spent on the Ethereum Blockchain.


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Meet The Team

Hayley Thomas

Hayley Thomas is the former production and licensing manager at EY3 Media and has now joined us full time at The Power Group. Hayley will bring a wealth of digital marketing and media expertise to Power Media to help us build a solid infrastructure and process map before we commence employing staff...

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Ryan McCormick

Ryan is our in - house developer and is experienced in developing in Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C, GO and a host of other languages. Ryan writes applications for both desktop and mobile and will be the lead developer for Power Hub and Power Play. Ryan has also been heavily involved...

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Nik Nagarkar

Nik Nagarkar is a critically acclaimed award winning artist, music & media business entrepreneur. His career began signing to Virgin records subsidiary Planet MU in 2005 with his group Virus Syndicate. After releasing two albums with Planet MU, Nik and his group went onto release countless...

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We strongly believe that early investors should be rewarded and during our crowdfunding period we will be offering the following rewards structure.

We also wish to reward investors who make referrals to Power’s token crowdfund and will be giving a 5% rebate on tokens for purchase made from an investors unique referral address.


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Social Media and Digital Marketing Services

We will be providing tailored packages to projects that wish undertake Social Media and Digital Marketing Services to promote their token, project or token sale to a wider audience than they are currently reaching within the crypto market. We aim to charge a fixed fee for tailored packages. Any revenue generated form this service will be re-invested into Power Media projects by purchasing the Power token from the open market and sending them to burn addresses, therefore reducing the available supply over time and introducing a deflationary mechanism.

Packages will start from the equivalent of £1500 per month up to £20,000 per month servicing clients for a minimum term of two months. Revenue generated from additional services such as TV Advertising, Billboard, Radio and Spotify marketing campaigns will be re-invested into Power Play original content to ease pressure from the subscription revenues to produce all content.

Sales Forecast

We are aiming to generate two new lower income clients per month and one new high end client per quarter during year one. We will then utilise a sales force mechanism targeted on a 20% annual growth per account manager.


Forecasted Revenue







Power Media 3 year total Forecast £1,226,000 – reinvested to buy back and burn supply of POWER tokens therefore reducing the supply of POWER tokens over time.

1500 Power for
Twitter Bounties

1500 Power for
Facebook Bounties

600 Power for
Translation Bounties

1400 Power for Community
Manager Bounties

10000 Power for Marketing
and Advertising Bounties

Power Hub

We do not aim to monetise this element of our business as we feel this would reduce the quality of service offered to users.
We may decide to monetise Power Hub in the future once we have a fully functional product with heavy demand.

We are committed to making the Power Hub app free of any form of advertising.

Power Play

We will be offering a subscription based streaming service (similar to a combination of Netflix & Spotify) with a monthly subscription fee to the equivalent of $5 a month. To allow to flexibility to ours users we will implement a smart contract to track payments and offer a 30 day free trial via a smart contract.

During this 30 day period the user will deposit their subscription fee via ETH into the smart contract, if the user wishes to cancel before the 30 day trial has ended, this fee will be returned back to the user in ETH.

Power Play original music & film content will be available for sub licensing and blanket licensing opportunities worldwide. All Power Play original content will be made exclusive to Power subscribers for an initial period before being available on the open market for other mainstream platforms.


  • Year 1 Subscription: 10,000 active users accumulated: Target subscription revenue £300K
  • Year 2 Subscription: 50,000 active users accumulated: Target subscription revenue £2,400,000
  • Year 3 Subscription: 125,000 active users accumulated: target Subscription revenue £6,000,000
  • Total subscription Forecast = £8,700.000
  • Power Play licensing and publishing target revenue £1,500,000 (over 24 months years 2 & 3)
  • Power Group estimated 3 year targeted forecast £10,200,000

Subscription Fee
Paid In ETH


Into Acquiring
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